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Just like my art, this book came to me from its own free will. I did not sit and ponder what I will be writing about, didn't have a plan or even an idea that I was to write a book. Only after I created my first official painting did my eye get caught by what was happening inside the abstract intersection of each line that took place. 

It drew me in, closer and closer, forcing me to zoom in further and further to reveal more and more about what it truly was that I created.

I utilized my love for photography and performed macro photography to my piece which allowed me to put on center stage minute portions of the total piece. 

As the images continued to accumulate, they began speaking to me, one by one, explaining to me what truths they had held locked within them, and as each piece patiently waited for me to sit with it and decode, translate all it had within it, the book, Expedition of the Psyche emerged. A direct translation of abstract to English. I was just as surprised as you are.

One piece was so emotionally charged that it took months from its original date of creation, to finally take its full form. 

This is truly a book that you can judge by its cover because the cover is the original piece from which the whole book took place.


The book included a single abstract painting, which I made, broken down into 32 magnified images, which were then translated into English. Each chapter is a stand-alone chapter, yet together they combine to reveal a central theme of self-development, life wisdom, and perspectives on life that will allow one to grow and improve oneself.
This book contains vital information to help certain reader tap into their psyche and start to take responsibility for their lives, ultimately beginning to participation the creation of a better world for themselves, which in the end will contribute to the overall society we live in. In short, this book is a key to improving our way of life, which we all deserve.
Young adults looking to get more information on the world they live in and possibilities that they have over wth their lives.
People looking to find answers on which directions to take their life or what kind of person they want to be.
People focused on self-growth.
Art enthusiasts.
Local author, born and raised in Magnitogorsk Russia, living in Kent for the last 15 years (2002). Attended UW Seattle for a Biology degree, focusing on the human body, its anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and physical reality of matter. 
Scientific writing was a huge part of my education but all creative ventures were completely absent until after graduation and a decision was placed in front of me to wheater or not to go to Med School in NY. I was confronted with a decision of leaving everything and everyone I knew and loved behind for something that I was told I should be pursuing, or staying back and being an influence in my little sister's life (7yrs old). I chose to stay, and with that decision, through a series of events, Art made its way into me, allowing me to completely transform my outlook on life, finding strength, courage, passion, unconditional love toward myself and humanity as a whole. That is the essence of what I received the day I chose to follow my heart, that is what I want to share with everyone.
At this point, I found myself substituting in Auburn School District teaching K-12, incredibly surprised and delighted to see what opportunities life has gifted me since that day.


Written in Kent Wa
Published by Balboa Press
October 4th, 2016
ISBN: 9781504366557
Price: 27.95
Ebook: 3.99
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
  • Pages: 72
  • Size: 8.5x11
Directly from my publisher at Balbo Press (link below)
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